Are you ready to radically upgrade your levels of abundance, health & happiness?


Most people living in the modern world are being bombarded with stress & toxins in our environment. This is leading to illness, fatigue and weakening our ability to live and operate at our peak potential.

This retreat will teach you to optimize your energy & rejuvenate on the deepest level, so you can access your highest potential to live in alignment with your divine purpose of life with love, grace and joy.

We access the next level through a process of cleansing our systems of anything not serving us, rewiring our neural synapse (brain pathways) & reprogramming our cellular DNA to create new pathways in our mind, body and emotions to reach our highest potential in life.

Combining the most powerful and effective, scientifically researched & verified protocols into one life enhancing, transformational healing retreat guaranteed to accelerate your progress, saving you 5-10 years of time and I’ll be there doing it along with you, every step of the way.

You will be part of the most cutting edge transformational health & life enhancing retreat program available in the world. This retreat is based upon the same program I will be teaching the medical doctors through continuing education courses, so you can understand how this experience will give you a massive advantage to catapult you to a new level in your health and life.

If you are a doctor, healer, therapist, expert, life coach or holistic teacher/trainer, this program will especially enhance your work and efficacy.

This retreat also offers an option to become a certified Flow State Life Coach upon successful completion. As a free bonus gift, you will gain access to the online course '22 Days to Abundance, Flow & Miracles' to learn the powerful practices to help clear, align & amplify your energy to get into the Miracle Zone. 

If you have a dream, vision or gift to share with the world and just need to know the pathway to launch it, this program is also designed for you, as we will focus & allocate time each day for creative and prosperous business endeavors. When your feeling of flow increases, you will be amazed to see your creativity expand and the success of your efforts rapidly multiply!

You will experience daily breakthroughs and massive upgrades to open yourself to receive more on every level what your heart & soul desires at this time.

Special Bonuses: Since this retreat is designed to compliment & enhance your life, health & success, you can choose to upgrade to the certificate program and become certified as a Flow State Life Coach by combining the online training '22 Days to Abundance, Flow & Miracles' with the live Maui retreat immersion.

Also, when you enroll for the 10 day transformational retreat in Maui, you will gain complimentary lifetime access to both the 22 Day Abundance online course ($497 value) and the Master Business Academy online course ($1997 value).

For those who apply & are selected, you will live with us in Maui for 10 days and experience this incredible journey for yourself.

Your life will never be the same.

What is Included:

  • Accommodations (North Shore, Maui)
  • Organic vegan &/or ketogenic healing nourishment
  • Local ground transportation as needed
  • Green Juice, master cleanse, green smoothie & /or broth cleanse (3-7 days)
  • Daily holotropic rebirth, bliss & clarity breathing meditation sessions
  • Sound healing & brain entrainment for success, self confidence, law of attraction, oneness, love, abundance, flow state & miracles
  • Daily meditations, mantras, kundalini, yin &/ or vinyasa yoga
  • Emotional freedom technique (EFT) tapping to release & clear stuck emotions
  • Ayurvedic self care rituals (oil swishing, dry brushing, acupressure & lymphatic massage, oils, home enemas)
  • Treatments at Temple of Peace including (optional) hyperbaric chamber, infrared sauna, cold plunge/ Wim Hof method, colon hydrotherapy, therapeutic massage, gut healing parasite & candida cleanse
  • Learn the important scientific research & start the journey to heavy metal detox from your brain & body for optimal health to prevent cancer and other disease.
  • Love circles, vision quests, white Tantra
  • Flow State Coaching Sessions & Master Business Academy workshops guide you to fulfill your life purpose, create & launch your gifts to contribute to the betterment of the world both on & off line

Optional experiences:

Beach & ocean excursions, turtle encounters, water fall hikes, ecstatic dancing, cacao ceremonies, fire dancing lessons, business training sessions, Astro numerology destiny reading, shamanic plant medicine ceremonies, surfing, kite boarding or paddle boarding near by (5 minutes drive), whale & dolphin encounters, snorkeling, free diving, volcano treks, helicopter tour

Sample Daily Schedule:

7-7:30am Ayurvedic self care morning rituals
7:30-8:30am: miracle morning meditations
8:30-9:30am: flow yoga
9:30-10am: breakfast
10-12pm: treatments at Temple of Peace
12-1pm: lunch
1-4pm: free time, excursions or MBA sessions
4-5pm: breath of clarity / rebirthing breath
5-6pm: sound healing / kundalini yoga
6-7pm:sunset meditations
free time
quiet time / sleep

This may be for you if you desire to:

  • Gain clarity of mind, body & emotions
  • Accelerate your manifestations
  • Master the Law of Attraction
  • Discover/ fulfill your life purpose
  • Create online courses for passive income
  • Produce & lead profitable global retreats
  • Awaken & master kundalini energy
  • Clear blocked energy pathways
  • Access & deepen connection to Source
  • Tone & strengthen your body, mind, heart
  • Eradicate physical, emotional & mental stress, pain or imbalances
  • Heal ancestral & inner child traumas
  • Release toxins & heavy metals
  • Attain your ideal weight: Lose excess weight / body fat
  • Prevent future sickness & disease
  • Rejuvenate / increase natural energy
  • Improve & enhance organ & brain function
  • Access nature’s supreme intelligence
  • Heal your gut & digestive ailments (parasites, candida, bloating, etc)
  • Reverse the aging process
  • Learn nutrition for optimal health
  • Discover your divine purpose for life
  • Get into the flow state to attract abundance, creativity, love & miracles
  • Explore Maui heavenly paradise
  • Clear old patterns & habits that are not serving you & create healthy habits for life
  • Connect with a tribe on the same mission
  • Launch your business to the masses
  • Feel & look 10 years younger


Who is this not for?

  • If you aren’t ready for a positive life shift
  • If you have a negative / skeptical mind
  • If you don’t like yoga, nature & healthy lifestyle
  • If you fear & resist change
  • If you have medically diagnosed mental issues, anger or violent tendencies
  • If you need to watch TV to be happy
  • If you can’t go 7-22 days without smoking cigarettes or drinking alcohol
  • If you’re stuck in victim mindset
  • If you aren’t ready to receive abundance, miracles & blessings
  • If you’re not ready to live in flow and up level your life

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